International Brand Xpresso Delight Looks to Bring a New Wave of Coffee to U.S. Office Culture

Hailing from Australia, Xpresso Delight - an office-coffee distributor known for providing convenient, fresh and delicious premium coffee made with 100 percent Arabica coffee beans- has set its eyes on conquering the U.S. market with nationwide expansion plans.

Company expansion plans call for 10,000 machines nationwide in 50 major metro areas

After growing to 150 territories in Australia and New Zealand Xpresso Delight launched in the U.S. in 2018 and currently has five territories active and operating throughout New York City, Buffalo, N.Y. and Washington, D.C., with a Charlotte territory on the horizon. The brand is targeting the top metro areas throughout the country and plans for 200 machines in each of the 50 major metro areas, totaling 10,000 machines nationwide.

The expansion plans come at a time when 50 percent of working Americans spend approximately $1000 a year on coffee, according to a Workonomix survey. This breaks down to spending more than $20 a week on coffee. Trends also point toward consumers seeking out high quality, milk-based espresso coffee drinks rather than settling for convenience. Xpresso Delight serves this demand by offering premium café quality coffee available right in the office kitchen.

“Our number one mission is to bring the best coffee experience to each and every office,” Chief Operating Officer Nigell Lee said. “We believe that by bringing in a high-quality product and machine while making it affordable, we can be a big part of building office culture and a positive community. Coffee is an integral part to any routine, and we believe it can bring people together to encourage an office culture based on human connection and great coffee.”

Founded in 2003 in Australia, Xpresso Delight was created by Paul Crabtree and Stephen Spitz. Both were coming from a corporate background, and they saw the need for a better “office coffee.” Crabtree and Spitz went to work finding the right machine, coffee beans and systems for their new company, and landed on a high-quality Swiss-designed machine and premium proprietary coffee roast blend.

When an Xpresso Delight machine is installed in an office, the coffee possibilities are greatly expanded when compared to a traditional large-format coffee pot. The offerings range from espresso, macchiato, latte, cappuccino and more espresso-based drinks. The machines are designed to be sustainable by not requiring plastic pods and instead grinding the coffee beans for each cup.

“When we were creating Xpresso Delight, we wanted to keep an eye on the sustainability of our machine and maintaining our standard of fresh ingredients,” added Lee. “By directly adding the beans and other fresh ingredients to the machine, we are able to significantly bring down the amount of waste each cup produces.”

To augment the company’s growth, Xpresso Delight is seeking experienced, multi-unit franchisees looking to partner with a forward-thinking coffee brand. Metro area-wide territories are available. Including a franchise fee of $37,500 plus $5,000 per machine, the estimated initial investment range to open a franchise with Xpresso Delight is $84,500 to $107,000 to reach a five machine minimum. The brand has also exclusively partnered with Oakscale, a New York-based franchise development company, for development efforts.

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