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I’ve been looking at franchises for years, primarily in the fitness and children’s activity categories. I found Xpresso Delight and it checked all the boxes: Inexpensive initial investment with a huge growth opportunity, it’s not a fad, and it’s good for the environment.
Stuart Mills, NYC Franchisee


With over 200 franchises sold in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. We’re disrupting the office amenity space with our innovative automated cafes for offices.


✓ Minimal Labor Costs
✓ No Rent
✓ Market Tested Franchise Model
✓ Proprietary Software & Systems
✓ Scalable
✓ Captive Audience
✓ Training Provided
✓ Ongoing Support
✓ Franchisor-backed Warranty
✓ No Theft
✓ Eco-friendly
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200+ franchises in offices all over thE world!
Join the franchise known for pioneering the automated cafe in the workplace in which they provide a state of the art automatic espresso machine, weekly shipments of coffee, and a dedicated concierge tech to offices for no upfront cost just a simple per cup rate charged monthly.

Xpresso Delight is at the forefront of the office coffee revolution, reinventing the entire coffee service business! If you’re looking for an opportunity that delivers both customer satisfaction and revenue, we have franchise packages available for you to take on exclusive markets through out the U.S.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the Xpresso Delight Franchise Fee?

The Xpresso Delight Franchise Fee is $37,500 for your first franchise; $32,500 for your second franchise; $30,000 for your third franchise; and $25,000 for each additional franchise. Each Franchise Agreement allows franchise owners to place 50 machines.

What is the Xpresso Delight franchise Royalty Fee?

The Xpresso Delight Royalty Fee is $.15 - .$11 cents per cup of coffee served out of Xpresso Delight Beverage systems.

What is the upfront investment for an Xpresso Delight Franchise?

The upfront investment in an Xpresso Delight Franchise is $84,500 to $107,000, this upfront investment includes a starting inventory of 5 Xpresso Delight beverage machines as well as the upfront Franchise Fee and recommended additional capital on hand.

Are protected territories available?

Yes. Xpresso Delight provides protected development rights to multi-unit franchisees in key metro areas around the United States.

Are Master Franchise rights available?

Xpresso Delight does not currently offer Master Franchise rights in the United States. However, Xpresso Delight is currently seeking Master Franchisees for international markets.

Can I try Xpresso Delight's Office Coffee?

Absolutely! Xpresso Delight holds a monthly day of Discovery with it's corporate team in Manhattan New York once a month. Please submit your information to receive information on our next Discovery Day.

Download Franchise Brochure